Orange County GMC Conducts CT Scans of Two 200-Year-Old Mummies

Hospital Partners with Mummies of the World Exhibit and Bowers Museum to Perform Virtual Autopsy

(Santa Ana, CA)- Today, Orange County Global Medical Center conducted a CT scan of two 200-year old mummies in hopes of learning more about their lives and how they died. Anthropologist and mummy expert Ildiko Szikossy partnered with fellow mummy expert Dr. Linda Sutherland, as well Orange County Global Medical Center’s Dr. Maurice Yu, to perform a “virtual autopsy” on Veronica and Johannes Orlovits, mummies from Vac, Hungary. Through cutting-edge medical imaging available at Orange County Global Medical Center, experts were able to study the mummies through non-invasive means.

orange-county-global-medical-center-mummies-world-santa-anaVeronica Orlovits and her son, Johannes, were escorted by armed guards into the hospital where Szikossy gently placed them into the CT scanner for imaging.  “Now, we can possibly find answers on why so many children died during early childhood,” said Szikossy, Director of Anthropology at the Hungarian Natural History Museum.

Through DNA analysis and advanced imagery, experts determined Veronica had likely suffered from tuberculosis, which caused her health to deteriorate suddenly and dramatically.  The mummies on display at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana where they will be available for viewing until September 5th, 2016.

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