Woman’s Condition Continues to Improve Despite Suffering Severe Wounds, After Being Bit by a Shark

(Santa Ana, CA)- Today, Orange County Global Medical Center held a press conference to provide an update regarding a woman who was injured in Corona Del Mar. Physicians, Dr. Humberto Sauri and Dr. Phillip Rotter, were on site to provide updates on wounds, treatment, and status of the patient. According to physicians, the wounds were consistent with that of a shark bite.

orange-county-gmc-women-shark-biteWhile training for a triathlon on the morning of May 29th, Maria Korcsmaros, a 52-year-old mother of three, was bitten by a shark in Newport Beach. Newport Beach Captain Mike Ure and lifeguard Andy Matsuyama were patrolling the waters in a nearby boat and quickly pulled Korcsmaros to safety. Korcsmaros was then rushed to Orange County Global Medical Center, where she was immediately treated by trauma surgeons.

According to physicians, Korcsmaros had multiple tooth marks on her right side, extending from her shoulder in a semicircular pattern to her lower pelvis. She also had lacerations on her right arm, an open chest wound, and multiple rib fractures. Doctors credited Korcsmaros’s impressive physical fitness in her ability to recover from bite injuries.

“Those are wounds that would have bled a lot, and she was able to tread water and hold her own until help arrived. That’s pretty remarkable,” said Dr. Rotter. The patient will continue to be closely monitored for wound care, infection prevention and nerve functionality.

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